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Yellow Flowers

Help Ukraine


We have a 30 year association with Ukraine and know Ukrainian's to be tough, talented, hard working, and dependable.

Russia's illegal war has caused unbearable suffering to millions. Join us in supporting reliable charities and companies in the rebuilding of Ukraine.

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Humanitarian Aid

Vans Without Borders

Vans Without Borders have helped thousands of desperate and vulnerable Ukrainians impoverished as a result of Russian aggression. Alongside directly supporting those in areas devastated by Russia we have also teamed up with a variety of organisations that support individuals ranging from children in hospices, to groups that support children with Down syndrome, and also retirement homes who have been left without assistance as a result of the conflict.We also orchestrated a major operation teaming up with a local church in Kyiv and the Ukrainian army to deliver 4 tonnes of essential supplies to Chernihiv, an area 20km from the Belarussian border that was totally flattened by Russia and has been largely ignored by international aid organisations.

Tactical Support

69th Sniffing Brigade

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Members of the LIFT99 startup community and citizens of Ukraine & Estonia. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, we have been on a mission to support the Ukrainian army and people. As part of the larger NAFO community, we established the 69th Sniffing Brigade Fund which works tirelessly in pursuit of Ukraine's inevitable victory by organising, fundraising, and delivering support to the front lines.

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Technology Companies

We have worked with a number of Ukrainian software development companies, from customised web and mobile app development to complex financial services products. Ukrainian tech solutions are well designed and coded, and delivered smoothly at a great price point. As us for a specific recommendation.


United 24

UNITED24 was launched by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy as the main venue for collecting charitable donations in support of Ukraine.


Donors can choose 1 of 5 directions of support, deciding where their funds will be distributed: Defence, Humanitarian Demining, Medical Aid, Rebuild Ukraine or Education and Science.


Stop ruzzia

One man can stop the war with one sentence. This same man has murdered, imprisoned and suffocated free speech in ruzzia for over two decades. He has made his country poorer and forced millions to leave. He has ruined neighbourly relations that so many worked hard to rebuild after the Soviet Union. He has sent private military companies to foment war in far away countries. He has funded propaganda and radical politicians that undermine foreign democracies. Global security is threatened, taxes rise, energy prices rise, food prices rise, the poorest get poorer. He has not done this alone, but with a network of oligarchs, companies, quasi-NGOs, and state organs that circumvent legal and regulatory measures. Each person can take responsibility to understand the issues, avoid funding ruzzia, and lobby for any action that stops ruzzia. This will shorten the war and benefit millions around the world.

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