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Core Banking Systems

Loan Management Systems (LMS)

Credit Scoring Systems

Client Engagement

Payment Gateway

Payment Acquiring

POS, e-commerce and embedded credit options to help retailers, service providersc and fintechs to collect one-off and recurring payments. Reduce transaction costs and get paid faster while meeting payment regulations.


Streamline onboarding with KYC and KYB validation, and ensure compliance with real-time KYT monitoring and reporting. Write more business by building trust and demonstrating compliance. 

Capital Markets

Trading and portfolio management solutions to help capital markets firms capture, value, and report transactions across asset classes. Meet increased market demand while ensuring efficiency and compliance across operations.

Open Banking

Aggregate client data across banks to better understand client needs, credit quality, and initiate payments. Create new insights and capture greater share of wallet by orchestrating ready-APIs. 

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payment g
cap mkt
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Offer accounts, payments, loans and other financial products by leveraging partner licenses, products, compliance and technology stacks. Develop new revenue streams and get to market fast while avoiding high sunk costs and learning curves. 

Custom Software


Create bespoke websites, desktop and mobile applications with experienced software houses that support design, development and testing. Multiple segment references, tech stacks, and price points available. 


Artificial Intelligence

Whether implementing chatbots or analysing complex data using a large language models, we have advisory and product partners to help you capture the A.I. opportunity. Develop new capabilities in client service, risk, and boost your valuation.



From secure transaction processing to decentralised finance, Blockchain offers a range of possibilities across insurance, trading, payments and digital assets. Get behind the hype to understand how Blockchain enhances security, provenance, and efficiency. 

fin mgt

Financial Management

Advances in automation, business intelligence, and APIs give CFOs a unique opportunity to enhance corporate financial management across accounting, AR/AP, payroll, spend management and tax. Procure specialist solutions or best-in-class platforms.

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