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FinTech Companies in Estonia

124 companies 

2 unicorns

10% growth p.a.

fintech in estonia


Core Banking

Crowdfunding / P2P

Customer Experience

Finance + Accounting


Payments + Remittances


Capital Markets

Credit Scoring


Customised Software

FinTech Advisors

Online Lending

RegTech + Identity


Estonia is one of the most advanced IT nations in the world, dating from the 1990's when policy makers chose to make a 'tiger leap' over legacy technologies. As the state invested in e-government this created spill-over benefits in the real economy and a thriving IT industry.

Financial Services was one beneficiary, with digital signatures, online banking and decentralised data management adopted early. Practical experience combined with high literacy in maths, IT and languages created a strong foundation for export-led sales and innovation.



Estonia's Fintech sector comprises of 120+ companies. Notable names include unicorns Wise and, one of the world's largest Blockchain companies Guardtime, plus others such as Monese. Online lending and Payments are the largest categories.

The Crypto sector in Estonia has been as large as 1,500 companies and at October 2021 numbered c.400. Many of these are questionable according to the regulator and a crackdown is expected. Nonetheless a small number of legitimate companies with global reach are active and will sustain.



We believe Estonian FinTech will grow in line, or above, historic norms of 10% per annum. Growth will be driven by global unicorns and a cohort of high potential companies such as Veriff and Scoro who benefit from growth in large markets, expertise and access to capital. In addition to existing strengths in Payments and Online Lending, we expect the InsureTech, WealthTech and Finance & Accounting categories to grow.


FinTech in Estonia Report

Our FinTech in Estonia research is the most extensive and thorough on the market.

Contents include company descriptions, deals, watch and deceased lists. Report includes companies active in Estonia and those active  abroad based on Estonian capital or management.

Request a copy today.

FinTech Licensing in Estonia

Estonia offers favourable regulatory conditions for  e-money and payment institutions.​ Approved entities can passport across the EU, a market of c.500m consumers.

Key Capital can help you understand Estonia from  a business and regulatory perspective, prepare  your application and source local talent and            service providers.

FinTech Solutions in Estonia

Estonia is a world leader in the design and development of FinTech solutions, with the majority benefiting from global case studies. 

We can help you understand solutions available in the market, map business requirements and secure competitive deals.

FinTech Investment Advisory

Estonia is a one of the best performing countries in Europe for FinTech venture capital and private equity.

Numerous successful exits occur, while growth of the sector supports a steady flow of early-stage, follow-on and secondary transactions.

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