FinTech in Lithuania


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Estonia is the one of the world's most advanced IT nations.

Today 99.8% of financial services occur digitally and the FIs are among the most profitable in Europe. Electronic ID and Cyber Security are among the most developed in the world and Estonia has successful used decentralised ledger technologies since 2001 and is home to Guardtime, one the world's earliest and largest Blockchain companies.


Here are some of the key movers and shakers. As Estonia is small many companies target larger markets but retain a back office or management link to Estonia:

Blockchain companies in Lithuania





Capital Markets tech in Lithuania

Core Banking providers in Lithuania


Core banking system provider, spin out from IceFire.

Credit Scoring companies in Lithuania

Crowdfunding and P2P companies in Lithuania


C estate.


Cryptocurrency companies in Lithuania

Customer Experience providers in Lithuania


Finance and Accounting software in Lithuania


FinTech Advisors in Lithuania

FinTech customised software companies in Lithuania



Software house and digital transformation services for banking, insurance and investment management.

InsureTech companies in Lithuania


Online Lending companies in Lithuania


Payments Service Providers in Lithuania

Regtech companies in Lithuania


Fast growing provider of A.I. web and mobile identity verification to reduce fraud and improve KYC.

@Veriff <>


Al▼, B▲, 


Asic Vault (crypto)


List is updated periodically, last update 02.03.2021. List contains FinTechs which have Estonian operations, management or shareholders thus some may be active outside the country. This is a fast changing segment with high birth rate, failures and foreign investment, as such this list is indicative and no warrant is given as to accuracy or completeness.